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Connecting your Heart Centers

Connecting your Heart Centers

Light circulates among your three heart centers, lifting you into a state of soul love. You become aware of the Universe Presence of Love.

What is Soul Love?

You have to linked your hear, head and solar plexus canters. AS you connect these centers and circulate energy among them, and as you practice the qualities of soul love, you can experience and expended state of love. You experience a state of love which right actions, words, thoughts, and deeds can flow naturally. People have described this state as cosmic consciousness unity consciousness, Christ consciousness, and living in touch with Source. In this state, you feel your oneness with the web of life of which you are a part. You can express the higher ideals of your soul, serve others as your soul does, and become group conscious as your soul is. You can receive and radiate the love of the Enlightened Ones. I will call this state of Soul Love.

Linking Heart Centers to Feel the SOUL LOVE

Step one: Connect Heart Center with Mind

To connect your hear center with light and move more fully into a state of soul love, call your soul to you and blend with it. Sense your heart centers jewel merging with your soul’s jewel. Feel the serenity if love. Your soul sends our heart center so much light that light rises up to your head center. Sound an “OM” if you would like. Expand into the oneness of love, sensing the larger universe of which you are a part. as Energy and light flow between your heart and head centers, you have made the first link among your heart centers.

Step 2:Connect Head Center with Solar Plexus

Sound an “OM” as you watch your soul send its will to love to activate the hidden point, strengthening your desire to love. It is fine if you sense this energy passing through your heart center on its way from your head center down to the hidden point. with this connection between your head center and hidden point in your solar plexus center, you have made the second ling among your heart centers.

Step 3: Connect Solar Plexus with Heart Center

Observe as the hidden point absorbs energy from the bright point. Make the final link by raising the hidden point of your solar plexus center into your heart center, sounding an “OM” as you do. Strengthen your ability to surrender those emotions, desire and reactions to others that separate you from your soul’s love.

Soul Love by Sanaya Roman

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