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Take an infant on the plane

Take an infant on the plane

The first plane trip to Dominican Republic took about 4 hrs.

What to do when you decided to bring your baby on a flight? As a parent, you know the best what is the best way to do. You may not have enough confident, but there is no one in the world know your baby better than you! I opted to take her with me by BabyBjorn. You can use any baby wraps that you feel comfortable. I wanted to make sure that she felt safe and secure the whole trip.

A 4-months-old baby don’t actually get their own seat (yes, it’s free). It is very important when you buy the tickets, you will tell them there will be a baby with you and if you can get the baby basket in the front of the row.

Before the trip, like other times when you take your baby out for a day or half day. It is essential to make sure you have enough bottles, formula (if you are not breast feeding) diapers for the baby.

You need to have a bottle ready before take off. Remember the way to get ride of the pressure in your ears during take off is to swallow. So it is important during the take off, your baby will do the swallowing motion constantly. Therefore, don’t give the bottle too early during taxing away from the gate or waiting in line. Pacifiers will work if it’s not the feeding time.

After the flight gets to the stable high, the flight attendants will bring the basket, cushion, pillow, blankets to securely hang in front of your seat. It’s nice, if your baby is napping at that time, you can take a break and put her in the basket they set up for you. We also bring our own blankets, one to lay under another covers her.

As a new Mom, you know what you need at this time (hint, a good time to go to restroom, nap).

Before the flight descending, the flight attendant again will come back to take the basket and everything away to get ready for landing. It’s time to put your baby against you, and get another bottle ready.

Be calm. Take some deep breathe . It works because your baby hear your heart beat and breathing rhythm.

Finally, you are at your destination, hopefully. I understand it is not the same as the vacation before your baby. But, honestly, can you have a “great” vacation without your baby any more? It’s the price for being a Mom! And personally, I love it!

I didn’t say it was easy, but I love it!

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